JLPN Inc., in the heart of the Oregon Willamette Valley is an industry leading, wholesale producer of bare root and container grown, fruit and ornamental bare root deciduous shade tree seedlings, cultivar rooted cuttings, grafting and budding under stock. 

Our specialty is catering to the wide variety of product needs for deciduous tree growers in large and small quantity.  JLPNs extensive list of bare root field grown seedlings includes, but is not limited to Acer, Betula, Cercis, Cornus, Malus, Populus, Prunus, Pyrus, Tilia, Zelkova.

JLPN uses the Anderson Band Pot as our ideal seedling growing container.  With the ABP and our custom soil blend, we create a value added product that saves time and money for our grower.  Some of the top varieties you will find grown in the ABP include Acer, Carpinus, Cornus, Fagus, Ginkgo, Hamamelis, Quercus, Stewartia, and Syringa.

We root our entire line of true to species, softwood rooted cuttings in 100% volcanic pumice, essentially creating a hydroponically grown plant with incomparable root fiber. Varieties include more than a dozen Red Maple Cultivars such as Red Sunset, Autumn Blaze and October Glory, but also an extensive selection of Betula, Platanus and Ulmus Cultivars.  We look forward to hearing from you and finding out how we can become an integral building block to the foundation of your product line.