Amelanchier lamarckii

Lamarki Serviceberry Lamarki serviceberry is commonly mistaken for laevis due to the similarities in growth character and habit. However, the new leaves and stems on Lamarki have silky hairs on them. Thought to be a natural hybrid of canadensis that comes true from seed. Per Bundle: 50 Zone: 4 HeightPrice EachPrice Per 50012-18"$1.03$.9518-24"$1.11$1.022-3’$1.21$1.10

Amelanchier laevis

Allegheny Serviceberry Prefers wet planting sites and easy to transplant with long drooping white flower clusters, sweet black fruit, with purple stems. Orange/ red fall color. Height 15-25’. Per Bundle: 50 Zone: 4 HeightPrice EachPrice Per 50012-18"$1.03$.9518-24"$1.11$1.022-3’$1.21$1.10

Amelanchier canadensis

Shadblow Serviceberry Shadblow serviceberry has green foliage with exceptional fall color fading orange to fire red. The flowers are fine and white with sweet black fruit that are a favorite of birds upon ripening. Height 20-25’. Per Bundle: 50 Zone: 4 HeightPrice EachPrice Per 50012-18"$1.03$.9518-24"$1.11$1.022-3’$1.21$1.05

Albizia julibrissin ‘E.H. Wilson’

Cold Hardy Mimosa E.H. Wilson is known for being cold hardy down to -15 degrees, which makes it the best understock for grafting cultivars, or can be grown on for its tropical foliage and pink silken bloom. Type: Anderson Band Pot Grown Per Bundle: 25 Zone: 5 HeightPrice EachPrice Per 50012-18"$1.63$1.5718-24"$1.73$1.632-3’$1.89$1.733-4"$2.10$1.89

Acer truncatum

Shantung Maple Acer truncatum Shantung maple has very bold green foliage while generally inconsistent in its fall color habit, but consistently beautiful regardless. Height 20-25. Type: Anderson Band Pot Grown Per Bundle: 25 Zone: 5 CaliperPrice EachPrice Per 5001/8"$1.70$1.543/16"$1.82$1.651/4"$1.95$1.77

Acer saccharum

Sugar Maple Sugar maple while fast growing, and most commonly for budding cultivars, has notoriously crooked roots. We typically grade out over 50% culls every year to provide the best seedlings available. Luminescent orange/ red fall color. Height 50-80’. This plant available as 1-year field grown (FG) Type: Field Per Bundle: 50 Zone: 3 CaliperPrice…

Acer saccharinum

Silver Maple Vigorous grower with lighter green foliage with silver leaf backs that shimmer when the wind blows. Grown on its own or used for budding cultivars. Golden fall color. Height 60-80’. Per Bundle: 50 Zone: 3 CaliperPrice EachPrice Per 5001/8"$.86$.793/16"$.94$.861/4"$1.08$.943/8"$1.20$1.08

Acer rubrum ‘Magnificent Magenta’

Burgundy Belle® (pp7222) Burgundy Belle holds many similar growth characteristics of other red maples. Its crowning achievement is the nearly two-phase red-orange, then burgundy fall color that’s rarely seen in trees. Height 35’ x 45’. Type: Rooted Cutting Per Bundle: 25 Zone: 4 SizePrice EachPrice Per 500RC$1.92$1.631"-3"$1.63$1.31Royalty: $.90

Acer rubrum ‘Franksred’

Red Sunset® (TM 863,972) Dark lustrous glossy green foliage in the summer time and paramount fall color, make Red Sunset a consistently strong seller. Brilliant peach/orange to red fall color with upright-oval form. A truly classic red maple cultivar! Height 45’ x 35’. This is a J. Frank Schmidt introduction. Type: Rooted Cutting Per Bundle: 25 Zone: 4…

Acer rubrum ‘Sun Valley’

Sun Valley Sun Valley is a seedless cross between Autumn Flame and Red Sunset. The characteristics of the cross show most prevalent in the leaf shape that is similar but slightly smaller. Ovate crown, brilliant peach/ orange/ red fall color. Height 35’x 25’. Type: Rooted Cutting Per Bundle: 25 Zone: 4,5,6,7 SizePrice EachPrice Per 500RC$1.92$1.631"-3"$1.63$1.31