JLPN - Fagus sylvatica - European Beech

Fagus sylvatica

Fagus sylvatica is an excellent under stock for grafters to work with. Little prep-work required and long spacing between nodes for easy grafting. Works well with all upright and weeping cultivars. Order early for best availability of sizes. Height 50-65’.

JLPN - Fagus grandifolia - American Beech

Fagus grandifolia

Fagus grandifolia is difficult to consistently get seed every year, many growers double up on their order to keep production going. Leaves can be as long as 5 inches with saw tooth edges. Bright yellow fall color with smooth silver bark. Height 50-70’.

JLPN - Cladrastis lutea - American Yellowwood

Cladrastis lutea

We put a great deal of work into Cladrastis lutea to provide a premium seedling. Yellowwood loves to grow crooked as a question mark at the soil level. We pay extra attention to them to deliver seedlings that are straight out of the ground. Height 30-50’.