Prunus avium

Mazzard Cherry We grow Mazzard by height for growers wanting to top graft and by caliper for growers needing an understock to bud. Per Bundle: 50 Zone: 4 HeightPrice EachPrice Per 5003-4’$2.00$1.814-5’$2.15$1.95CaliperPrice EachPrice Per 5001/8"$.84$.753/16"$.91$.831/4"$.99$.903/8"$1.11$.98

Populus tremuloides

Quaking Aspen Clean spotless native Northern Idaho seed source. Gray to white bark, blast of yellow fall color. Fast growing tree that is beautiful in mass planting. Field grown for the largest developed root system possible. Height 40’-50’ Rounded at maturity. Per Bundle: 50 Zone: 1 HeightPrice EachPrice Per 50012-18"$1.06$.9518-24"$1.16$1.052-3’$1.34$1.153-4’$1.52$1.35Field grown-

Platanus x acerifolia ‘Morton Circle’

Exclamation™ London Planetree Exclamation™ still maintains the positive attributes of Planetree with the camouflage pattern and flaking bark but trumps it in form with a dominant central leader and pyramidal form. Anthracnose and mildew resistant. This is a Chicagoland Grows introduction. Type: Rooted Cutting Per Bundle: 25 Zone: 4 SizePrice EachPrice Per 500RC$1.99$1.78Royalty: $.60

Platanus x acerifolia ‘Bloodgood’

Bloodgood London Planetree Easily distinguishable in the landscape once it grows to a mature specimen with its gnarly trunk and patchwork bark patterns and massive size. Resistant to powdery mildew and anthracnose. Height 70’-100’ Pyramidal shape. Type: Rooted Cutting Per Bundle: 25 Zone: 4 SizePrice EachPrice Per 500RC$1.99$1.78

Pistacia chinensis

Chinese Pistache Pistache has a wide adaptability to various soil types and has a reputation for vibrant long lasting fall color display or gold, orange and crimson. Most commonly grown in Southwestern United States. Per Bundle: 25 Zone: 6 SizePrice EachPrice Per 500ABP$1.99$1.79

Parrotia persica ‘Vanessa’

Persian Parrotia ‘Vanessa’ Vanessa is one of the better known Parrotia cultivars for its upright habit. It’s often regarded as columnar but realistically is more-narrow growing than columnar. Still displays the beautiful fall color Parrotia is known for. Per Bundle: 25 Zone: 5 SizePrice EachPrice Per 500SRC$2.20$1.90

Parrotia persica ‘JL Columnar’

Persian Parrotia ‘Persian Spire®’ Selected at JLPN from a seedling block for its unique foliage and upright character. Bright and consistent fall color of red, orange, burgundy and yellow, based on climate and location. Prefers hot, humid climates and is excellent for growing in containers in greenhouses. Superior candidate for shrub or hedge growing. Type:…