Koelreuteria paniculata

Goldenrain Tree Aside from being one of the few yellow flowering trees in the nursery trade, Goldenrain Tree is extremely showy. Dark green foliage and bright yellow blooms. Height 30-40’. Type: Anderson Band Pot Grown Per Bundle: 25 Zone: 5 CaliperPrice EachPrice Per 5003/16"$1.94$1.761/4"$2.10$1.94

Hamamelis virginiana

Common Witchhazel Most popularly known for being the earliest of blooming plants, H. virginiana is a common understock for Arnolds Promise which blooms from January to March. These are grown in band pots for easy grafting. Per Bundle: 25 Zone: 4 CaliperPrice EachPrice Per 5001/8"$1.70$1.473/16"$1.83$1.661/4"$1.99$1.82

Gymnocladus dioica

Kentucky Coffeetree Green foliage with yellow fall color. Fragrant white flowers in the spring with an oval shape. Height 65-80′. Type: Field Per Bundle: 50 Zone: 4 HeightPrice EachPrice Per 5006-12"$1.32$1.1612-18"$1.48$1.3118-24"$1.75$1.48

Gleditsia triacanthos

Honeylocust JLPN grows locust in the band pots for growers who are wanting to take advantage of fall transplanting and get a far better root system as a result of the band pot. This plant available grown in an Anderson Band Pot (ABP) or field grown for growers who prefer to line out bare root…

Ginkgo biloba

Maidenhair Tree We grow all of our ginkgo with the best intentions for the grafters in mind. These have an exceptional root system that make a big difference in driving the growth rate of your graft. Type: Anderson Band Pot Grown Per Bundle: 25 Zone: 4 CaliperPrice EachPrice Per 5001/8"$1.63$1.473/16"$1.78$1.631/4"$1.94$1.73

Fraxinus pennsylvanica

Green Ash Believe it or not there is still money in growing ash, just not as much as there used to be. Green ash is still the most popular understock for budding cultivars.  Height 60-70’. Per Bundle: 50 Zone: 3 CaliperPrice EachPrice Per 5001/8"$.90$.803/16"$1.00$.871/4"$1.10$.94

Fagus sylvatica

European Beech An excellent under stock for grafters to work with. Little prep-work required and long spacing between nodes for easy grafting. Works well with all upright and weeping cultivars. Order early for best availability of sizes. Height 50-65’. Type: Anderson Band Pot Grown Per Bundle: 25 Zone: 4 CaliperPrice EachPrice Per 5001/8"$1.70$1.503/16"$1.85$1.651/4"$1.95$1.75

Fagus grandifolia

American Beech Difficult to consistently get seed every year, many growers double up on their order to keep production going. Leaves can be as long as 5 inches with saw tooth edges. Bright yellow fall color with smooth silver bark. Height 50-70’. Per Bundle: 25 Zone: 3 CaliperPrice EachPrice Per 5001/8"$1.90$1.703/16"$2.15$1.901/4"$2.352.15

Eucommia ulmoides

Hardy Rubber Tree Hardy Rubber trees foliage is dark lustrous green and has broad ascending branches similar to elm. This tree is heat, pest and urban resistant and has a very stately shape and easy to grow. Height 50’ x 50’. Per Bundle: 50 Zone: 5 HeightPrice EachPrice Per 50018-24"$1.12$1.002-3’$1.22$1.103-4’$1.34$1.22