Littleleaf Linden

Container grown for superior root fiber and straight long stems perfect for budding or growing as a single stem. Yellow green fall color with rounded shape. Showy yellow fragrant pendulous flowers. Height 60-80’.

This plant is available as 1-year field grown (FG) or 1-year Anderson Band Pot (ABP).

Type: Field and Anderson Band Pot Grown
Per Bundle: 50 FG / 25 ABP
Zone: 3

CaliperPrice EachPrice Per 500
1/8" FG$.95$.85
3/16" FG$1.00$.90
1/4" FG$1.10$1.00
3/8" FG$1.20$1.10
3/16" ABP$1.65$1.50
1/4" ABP$1.80$1.60
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