JLPN has over 120 acres in the lush Willamette Valley devoted to the production of bare root seedlings of deciduous ornamental, shade & flowering trees. We are meticulous in soil preparation and care, including a regular regiment of soil fumigation that is costly, but gives the biggest barrier between soil born disease being passed on to the seedlings.

Most seedlings in the field are harvested in the months of December and January and are kept in temperature and humidity controlled coolers. Proper storage is a paramount focus to insure plants are kept in proper dormancy, but ready to sprout with vigor once they are delivered and planted. Our bare root seedlings ship world wide on an annual basis, with extra care given to the storage, packaging, and timing of the shipment.

JLPN proudly serves and supplies all of the major shade tree growers on the West Coast with value added liner material.

Why Buy JLPN  Bare Root Seedlings?

With the extensive care and meticulous attention to detail and value added product, JLPN offers seedlings of higher grade standards. It is clear to see when you receive our product that there is no re-grading required, plants are of grade size, consistent and uniform. Due to the care the plants receive the life span they are at JLPN, they will perform better for the customer in the field, with higher percentage of survival, vigorous growth and bud and graft take percentages.


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