Outsource Your Overhead and Outsource Your Headaches

Why Outsource? For decades, many shade tree growers have done in-house propagation with the intentions of saving money. However, in today’s market, with the cost of labor and lack thereof, it makes less and less financial sense to do in-house propagation.

Propagation is hands on and labor intensive. The high cost of the labor-saving equipment is too great for most growers to justify the cost, so they continue to propagate, using traditional, non-efficient and non-cost effective methods. This puts a strain on finances, but more importantly, it is a drain on labor resources.

Labor is best utilized in the field for managing and growing the crops that returns dollars, versus propagating seedlings or cuttings for the sake of saving pennies. More and more growers are turning to JLPN, to outsource their overhead, and outsource steps of the growing process that are a drain on labor resources.

Contact JLPN to learn more about our custom propagation plans for growers who are looking to discontinue tree seedling and rooted cutting propagation. We can talk through and explain the simple steps to outsourcing your propagation to JLPN with confidence, and peace of mind.

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