There are many beliefs, philosophies, and misconceptions about growing container seedlings. There are never ending shapes, sizes and volumes of containers to choose from on the market, and every one of them has its strengths and weaknesses. At JLPN, we feel that the Anderson Band Pot is the perfect growing container for several reasons.

The 2 7/8”x 2 7/8”x 5 ½” Anderson Band Pot, our standard growing container, has a soil volume of 45 cubic inches. The width of the container, coupled with the depth provides ample room for root systems to develop in one growing season without become root bound, or restricted in growth. Contrary to what some manufacturers might claim, roots can circle any container of shape, size and configuration. That is fact. While a root system can go any direction it wants until is hits a sidewall of a container,  the ridges built into the sidewalls, and the square design of the ABP eliminate a great deal of directional circling. Ultimately, if you don’t have the proper soil blend that is light and airy, it doesn’t matter what container you use. The aeration of the potting soil is the key factor to creating root fiber.

Aside from the design and shape of the ABP, another key factor to our product is the uniformity of our seedlings we provide from using one container. Whether you are buying Acer, Katsura, Liquidambar, Styrax or Quercus, you will find that the height, caliper and root development across the board is going to be very similar and uniform. Our container seedlings typically grow 18+ inches across the board, and have a large durable root system. You can’t obtain those results from your seedling supplier if they are using multiple container formats in shape, size and soil volume. Consistency and uniformity is key in everything we do in the nursery trade.  Starting with both is value that JLPN can add to your product.


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