JLPN produces softwood rooted cuttings in the months of June and July. Our cuttings are extremely consistent in length of cutting, caliper of the stick, and height of the plant once they are graded. The roots have to be formed and developed around 85%+ of the base of the cutting to be considered sellable. All cuttings are shipped bare root so they can be visually inspected for root development, a critical quality screen that can be overlooked when cuttings are purchased in plug form. For most species of trees, the average height is 12-18” typically, depending on the time of year the cutting wood becomes big enough to process.

The overall size, durability and consistency of our rooted cuttings create consistency in your production process. JLPN rooted cuttings are large enough to be transplanted directly to a field liner growing operation. Transplanting them into a container for an additional year to make them field ready is not necessary and eliminates a costly step for the grower. In the instance a grower needs a plant to be larger for lining out, such as a B&B grower, JLPN cuttings are typically transplanted into 1 or 3 gallon containers. All varieties are true to species name.

While there are many forms and uses of growing media available, we find that volcanic pumice creates the maximum amount of root fiber possible. The pumice is non-compactable, creating an environment with infinite air pockets for root fiber to form. Extensive root fiber contributes to the plants ability to take hold in the soil when it is transplanted and ultimately to grow and thrive. Our cuttings are harvested in December, graded, and held in cold storage until shipment.


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