My fantastic wife Crystal and I take great pride in the staff that we’ve assembled at JLPN.

All staff members of our team are trained and crossed trained in their co-workers’ day to day responsibilities to ensure better customer service. Most typically when you call the office, you will be speaking with Amy Wagner and Ken Free in sales. While they primarily work in sales they also have a broad knowledge of all growing practices and production methods in the nursery. Jeremy Powell and John Pedersen control the day to day operation of the nursery facility, crop production and shipping.

We always strive to ensure friendly and capable customer service with rock solid consistency, order accuracy and ship times.

JLPN - John Lewis - President - Staff

John Lewis

JLPN - Crystal Lewis- Vice President - Staff

Crystal Lewis
Vice President

JLPN - Jeremy Powell - Field Manager - Staff

Jeremy Powell
Field Manager

JLPN - Amy Wagner - Sales/Office Manager - Staff

Amy Wagner
Sales/Office Manager

JLPN - John Pederson - Shipping/Propagation Manager - Staff

John Pedersen
Shipping/Propagation Manager

JLPN - Ken Free - Sales Manager - Staff

Ken Free
Sales Manager

Trystan Lewis

Sean Offield
Sales/Business Development