This year JLPN is proud to announce the release of Persian Spire Columnar Parrotia. Selected onsite from a row of seedlings, Persian Spire showed it’s unique foliage and distinctly upright character at a very young age. The foliage is finer with a more narrow leaf then common Parrotia persica. In the spring, the leaves emerge with a strong purple cast that fades into a purple haloed margin. The summer foliage is dark emerald green and the growth habit is clearly distinguishable from other upright parrotia such as Vanessa. The fall color is an elaborate and long lasting color display in phases. Yellow, orange, burgundy and red. Persian Spire has a strong fall coloring habit that is less common in many columnar trees such as hornbeam. It is highly versatile as both a narrow growing tree, but also as a hedge or screen. The branching habit is dense and full, making it a refreshing, bright, and colorful alternative to beech or hornbeam hedges. When grown in greenhouse, a rooted cutting can easily fill in a 5 gallon container in two seasons.

Parrotia persica ‘JLColumnar’ PPAF  Persian Spire™

Zone 5

Height: 25’ x 10’ Wide
Royalty: $.85
SRC: (1-499) $2.10 (500+) $1.85

JLPN - Parrotia persica ‘JL Columnar’ - Persian Spire