Marley’s Pink® Japanese Snowbell

JLPN Inc. is proud to introduce you to Styrax japonicus ‘JLWeeping’ PP23755.  Marley’s Pink® is a new Pink Weeping Styrax japonicus introduction.

Marley’s Pink® exhibits leaves much larger in length and width, darker green, and glossier than most cultivars of Snowbell. The true magnificence of this tree is in the profuse blooming character. Blooms are a lustrous pink shade, with light sweet fragrance of cotton candy. The fall color is bright lemon-yellow.

This new introduction displays good pest and disease resistance, and is a spectacle and centerpiece in patio containers, small gardens or landscape.

See the list of licensed growers below.

Mature height 8-10′; Width 4-5′.

Zone: 5

icon-jlpn-retail-distributors Retail Distributors:



  • Blue Heron Farm (Corvallis) 541-754-4224
  • Ekstrom Nursery (Gresham) 503-663-4035
  • Hans Nelson & Son (Boring) 503-663-3348
  • John Holmlund Nursery (Boring) 503-663-6650
  • J. Frank Schmidt (Boring) 503-663-4128
  • Miles Nursery (Canby) 503-266-1506
  • Surface Nursery (Gresham) 503-663-5224


  • Commercial Nursery (Dechard) 931-967-5525