Metasequoia glyptostroboides

Dawn Redwood Metasequoia has a unique branching habit that gives it a distinctive shape. It prefers moist soils that are high in organic matter, but still performs well in a wide array of soil types. Height 70’x 25’. Type: Anderson Band Pot Grown Per Bundle: 25 Zone: 5 SizePrice EachPrice Per 500ABP$2.00$1.80

Zelkova serrata

Japanese Zelkova One of the best shade trees for urban settings. Green foliage with orange tips and yellow orange red fall color. Height 55-80’. This plant is available as 2-year field grown (FG) or 1-year Anderson Band Pot (ABP). Type: Field and Anderson Band Pot Grown Per Bundle: 50 FG / 25 ABP Zone: 5 CaliperPrice…

Ulmus pumila

Siberian Elm Almost exclusively used as an understock for budding Ulmus cultivars as this is a monstrosity, rank growing tree on its own that has a propensity to break and shatter under ice and snow loads. This plant is available as 1-year field grown (FG) Type: Field Grown Per Bundle: 50 Zone: 3 CaliperPrice EachPrice Per…

Ulmus parvifolia

Chinese Lacebark Elm This can be grown on for a straight lacebark elm, or used as a budding understock for cultivars of U. parvifolia. Sometimes preferred for uniform bud stands and growth control in the field. Type: Field Grown Per Bundle: 50 Zone: 5 CaliperPrice EachPrice Per 5001/8"$.90$.803/16"$1.00$.901/4"$1.15$1.00